Are your products natural? 

- The short answer is YES! All of our products are made with simple ingredients, that are naturally occurring or derived from plants. We try our absolute best to refrain from using any harsh chemicals, or hormone disrupting chemicals, to make sure you have the absolute best experience, and can breathe easy about your body care products  


Are your products safe for children? 

- Safe, yes. Are all of them recommended for children? No, some of our products are not made for use by children, but they are generally "safe" if they were to get into them. 


How long until i see results from your facial products? 

- The short answer is, to please allow your skin a 2 week adjustment period when starting any new skincare, especially a natural one, skin has to go through what they call "purging" when switching from chemical based skincare to natural based, this is normal and expected. You should start seeing clearer and beautiful skin after around 14 days of consistent usage.