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Pink Lotus Soapery

4oz Magnesium Spray

4oz Magnesium Spray

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Highly Concentrated. The essential mineral your body needs to stay vibrant and healthy that most of us are lacking. This lack is due to our food not being as nutrient dense as it used to be. But there is a simple and easy way to get the proper amount of Magnesium to help you feel your best.

This topical mineral spray has so many amazing benefits like-
Improved Sleep
Eases Anxiety
Very calming
Soothes muscle cramps and pain.
Boosts energy levels
Improves Hormone Balance
Decrease in menstrual symptoms.
and many more!
*Please note that results/ benefits may vary

Highly recommend just googling magnesium benefits or magnesium deficiency to learn even more about this amazing mineral and how much it is needed!

To best use this spray simply give it a very good shake and spray onto bottom of feet, abdomen and armpits. 5-10 sprays morning and night works best.

Please note that it is common when first using Magnesium Spray that it will cause a tingling or itchy feeling where it was sprayed. This is a normal symptom for someone who does have a Magnesium deficiency. After a few consistent uses this symptom will decrease and eventually go away. If this itchy or tingling sensation lasts more than 5-10 minutes wash the site. Recommended to start using the spray on feet first as it will help with adjusting to the spray.

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