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Pink Lotus Soapery

solid dish soap - all purpose bar

solid dish soap - all purpose bar

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ALL SOAP COMES IN Repurposed vessels sent at random. Just choose your size.

this solid dishwashing bar is super simple to use simply rub either your sponge, washcloth, dish brush onto the surface and form a lather and proceed to wash your dishes. make sure to rinse off the bar when finished and allow to dry between uses for longest life. 

Simple easy to pronounce ingredients better for the earth and better for you & your family 

This bar can also be used as a laundry stain stick but please do a patch test before committing to a full stain removal, just rub the bar over the stain or use a toothbrush to get a lather and apply to the stain and wash as normal

another added bonus is this bar can be used just like you would use a Castile soap they can be used as an all purpose cleaner for cleaning your kitchen and bathroom just lather it up and rinse it off! 


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